Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Catchup

001 I went to see Annabelle in town with some friends as a bit of Halloween preparation. I liked the back story behind the film the conjuring and as Annabelle is the prequel I just had to see it. I have to say even though it was your classic horror movie format filled to the brim with jump scares with not much else, I kinda liked it. Next on the list is the Babadook even though it looks awful the critics love it, so I'm now intrigued.

002 I took a trip to the hairdressers for a well deserved trim. My hair had grown so much I was practically drowning in hair. So I took the plunge and had about an inch and a bit chopped off. This is a pretty big deal for me as my hair is my baby and I'm seriously picky when it comes to having it cut, but I must say I love what they've done. I do love going to the hairdressers, but who doesn't? I then cracked on with the bane of my life. Revision. As exams are lurking around every corner I thought I would get the dreaded language assessment preparation out of the way with.

003 I went on a patrol to get myself a new foundation. After many hours thinking I couldn't narrow it down from my Clinique favourite and the new Diorskin Star. So I will have to put that on hold.

004 Today I am having a day in on the laptop looking for present ideas as my friends birthday is coming up. I'm going to London on Wednesday with a friend so I'll probably be looking up the best places to eat and some other places to visit besides Covent Garden and Regent street.

If you would like to see a catch up as a feature or would like to see something else from me feel free to leave a comment.

Emily x

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