Monday, 25 August 2014

Hampton Court Palace


I have been meaning to visit Hampton Court Palace for a long time and I thought what better time than the height of summer (a couple of weeks ago) to go and visit it. Many royal families have lived here including William the 2nd and King Henry the 8th. As you can tell the palace is very grand inside and out and is definitely something to visit. The palace is mostly known for its beautiful gardens and even on a slightly gloomy day they still look very well kept and look still fit for royal approval. One thing that I loved were the beautiful hand carved ceilings. One room had a beautiful skylight window letting the maximum amount of light into the room helping to reach its full potential of spaciousness and really add something to the design. Another room I noticed on the way to the crown display and chapel was one with an amazing  gold and white ceiling, which was definitely the main feature of the room. They also had a display about the George's who have lived in the palace which was the main reason we visited at this time. It really gave an insight into the kings and their lives and decisions that changed the fate of our country. All in all it was a great day out and lovely to visit a place with such beautiful architecture and I definitely recommend it for a relaxing but interesting day out. Next on the list Buckingham palace!
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Emily x

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Natural Make Up Look

Recently I have been gravitating towards a quick and more natural look using the least amount of products I could so here we go.
Clinique stay matte foundation This foundation has to be high up in my all time favourite foundations as its light on the skin but gives just the right amount of coverage. don't be fooled by the name as it keeps an oil free appearance whilst not giving the common lifeless hint that matte foundations tend to give as it creates a dewy complexion in all the right places. the stay matte foundation is definitely an unlikely hero but definitely deserves more recognition.
The Real Techniques Buffing Brush applies foundation effortlessly and buffs the liquid into the skin creating a natural look.
The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer   Has quickly made its way up my holy grail products list as its from the drugstore making it affordable but also has 3 sections to it. The compact comes with a creamy textured salmon pink colour to correct dark circles under the eyes. This works like magic and applies so smoothly and doesn't cake (yea you heard me correctly). It also comes with a more yellow toned concealer to hide redness and cover blemishes which it also does perfectly. The last section is the setting powder helping to finish the perfect 24hr dark circle and blemish free look.
The YSL Cream Blush Has been with me a long time now and has definitely served its purpose. I've been trying to stay away from powdered products to avoid the cake face look which obviously no one wants. The application process is quick and easy and is perfect for a natural flushed look.
The Maybelline The Falsies Flared Is my favourite variation of the well loved Falsies mascara and is most likely my all time favourite drugstore mascara because it adds the perfect amount of volume whilst not being clumpy (which to me is a hard thing to find. I chose this mascara as it looks great just applied on its own. I find some mascaras only look good with eyeliner too but this one looks amazing with or without.
The YSL Rouge Volupte in Shade 13 was picked up during a mad dash around Heathrow terminal 5's duty free and I don't regret it. Its the perfect peachy pinky nude to add a bit of natural colour to the lips. Its so creamy and conditioning and just feels so moisturising on the lips and if that wasn't enough it tastes like watermelons. enough said.

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Emily x

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Red Keep

Well hello internet. I promised holiday pictures so that's what you're getting. A week ago I was here. In beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia. If it wasn't a good enough excuse to go to Dubrovnik just for the amazing views and history, then may I mention that the scenes in Kingslanding in Game of Thrones are filmed within the walled city. Game of Thrones is by far my favourite TV series and I am beside myself with excitement for season 5. As you know I'm a big fan I just had to come here and visit the Red Keep for myself. The walled old city of Dubrovnik is stunning. From the hand crafted bell tower to the old harbour full of boats. I can most definitely see why this place was chosen for Game of Thrones filming to take place as it fits the bill of "pretty old city with castle" perfectly. Walking around the walls and inner city I was just waiting to pass King Joffery being carried up the staircase followed by a concerned and intoxicated Cersei. I absolutely love travelling and especially to places that aren't always so popular, as then I can recommend people places that give a unique experience and Dubrovnik is one of those places.
We were taken on a guided tour around the city and given information about the beautiful old harbour and the towers surrounding the city. Out of all the places I've been this summer Dubrovnik takes 1st place. Dubrovnik really has a beautiful and rustic feel to it and I would recommend anyone to visit Dubrovnik as it's a different place to go that's full of lovely and interesting people. Even if you don't like Game of Thrones its truly beautiful, stop listening to me blabbering on and go!
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Emily x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The English Weather

H&M Trench coat
Asos Fedora
Missguided Top
Topshop Jamie Jeans
New Look Boots (last years but are back in stock)
Kate Spade Bag
The weather has really turned for the worst this week. Rain literally everywhere. Even though summer is gone and the sun with it this rubbish weather has given me the chance to wack out the A/W wardrobe (and im not complaining). I got my trench coat on a trip with my family earlier this month and it was love at first sight. Even though it reminds me of Inspector Gadget he's become my unlikely style icon recently. I have wanted a burberry trench coat for as long as I can remember but i'll have to make do with mine for now. I paired it with an all black outifit (which you know ive been loving recently) and wore my misguided 90's inspired vest to make my outfit a little more interesting if the weather brightened up. (kind of funny story I saw a woman wearing exactly the same trench coat as me and believe me I was just as embarrassed as she was) I hope the weather brightens up but for now I'm content with my trench coat.

    Emily x                                                                                                                                                

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Food of the Gods

Well hello internet. Today I am here to rave about a restaurant me and my friend visited in Bath recently. We decided to take an impromptu trip into town to get a few things and just for something to do when we came across Bills. My friend and I have been eyeing up our local Bills for a while as we had heard it was good. As you can tell the d├ęcor is amazing! its so eclectic but tasteful it just looks so effortless and seamless. I ordered the strawberry and banana smoothie and no word of a lie is it the best I've ever tasted (not to brag but I've tasted my fair share of smoothies in my time). I also ordered the Bills Burger. I have no words for how good this burger is. It is without fail THE best burger I have ever had. The salad to meat ratio is always a tough one when having a burger but the Bills Burger was literally perfection. The pictures do not do it justice and neither do my words so take my word for it and try it. I found only one fault with Bills and that was the service. I think the waiters forgot about us due to how popular it was that day and we were left waiting a while for the bill, leading to the awkward "do I go and ask for the bill or wait it out until they come back" dilemma, but it was overall a great experience. I think Bills deserves more recognition and maybe I'll try the Clifton branch and see if the service is any better.

Emily x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Well hello internet. As I have promised I would try and do OOTD's that's exactly what I have here for you. I know what you're thinking, that's a hell of a lot of black! but in my personal opinion you can never go wrong with black...EVER! I decided to keep this outfit simple by having a plain top from Topshop to give a blank canvas, as I wanted my accessories to be the main focus. I teamed it with my absolute favourite summer piece (yes I'm calling it a summer piece even though its black) my black skort also from Topshop. Skorts are a great way to add the summer favourite of a skirt but without all of the hassle and a pair of shorts without the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction. For my main focus of accessories I am wearing my absolute favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment which is my huge straw fedora from Urban Outfitters. I decided to go full out Audrey Hepburn by sporting a cat eye underneath my rounded tortoise shell sunglasses from vogue eyewear. I'm also wearing my marc by marc Jacobs rose gold watch and as always my well loved Kate Spade handbag. As you can tell this is my go to summer look and I love it as its SO easy to wear but looks great for this amazing weather we've been having.
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