Sunday, 19 October 2014

Outfit Repeating

Recently I've been the biggest outfit repeater to ever exist. I just find it so hard to dress for the weather that we're having that I've basically worn the same outfit over and over again. I've got so many ideas of what look I want I just can't find pieces to suit me. One of my favourite ways to get inspiration is doing a spot of good old fashioned people watching to gain some insight into street style, but this is unfortunately very time consuming. This is where the Mallzee App comes in.
Mallzee is basically a hall of inspiration from over 200 stores hosting more than 2 million items. I have only been recommended the app recently but it has been the biggest life saver. The idea of the app is that you create different themed style feeds on which you can set a criteria and the app does the rest. The feeds you create host thousands of items perfectly tailored to you. The app helps you find pieces that are exactly what you're looking for and can help with either a wardrobe revamp or help find the perfect staple piece. I really love the fact that they have such an array of different brands as I find on other big name fashion apps some types of items are harder to find.
Mallzee is the quickest and easiest way to prevent outfit repeating and find some inspiration as it has all of your favourite brands under one perfectly designed roof. It's minimal effort and maximum results, my favourite way to do things. You can download the app here and I didn't even get to the best part.....It's free! I can definitely say that this is by far my favourite fashion app and has helped me adjust my wardrobe to the new season. All I can say is, watch out Polyvore there's a new kid in town!
If you have downloaded the Mallzee app let me know what you think down below, and feel free to comment down below about what you would like to see from me next.
Emily x

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