Sunday, 12 October 2014

This Is All Yours Tour

A week ago now I travelled to Wolverhampton with some friends to go and see one of my favourite bands Alt J. When I first heard them on the Brit Awards a few years ago now I knew I was onto a winner. I found out they were touring a year later but I was too busy to go at the time. When I found out earlier this year that they were playing within an hours drive away from me I jumped at the chance. With the release of This Is All Yours on the day of the gig some people were clueless to the what the setlist would be. I absolutely love their new sound especially Every other freckle, Nara and Warm Foothills amongst many others I was praying that they would play Matilda and Taro. Marika Hackman who features on Warm Foothills was supporting. I already loved her song Bath Is Black and my love for her as grown since the gig. As we waited in the crowd the sound of Hunger of the Pine creped in and the band walked on stage. They then proceeded to play Fitzpleasure, Something Good, Left Hand free and Dissolve me before they played Matilda. All of the songs were played absolutely true to the recorded versions and sounded so amazing that I cant really fathom the words to describe it. As a massive fan of the film Leon I love Matilda with all my heart and my expectations of it being played live were definitely true. they also played Ripe and Ruin which is really the odd one out of their first album but everyone absolutely loved that they played it as it really broke up the set.
Then they played Taro. as if this gig wasn't enough of an emotional rollercoaster for me already. Taro is such a beautiful song and shares a story in which I really enjoy. If it wasn't only the amazing sounds that did it for me the lights were so effective. I know this might sound like the nerdiest thing to notice the lights at a gig but trust me lights are everything. One thing I was nervous for was the new touring member as Gwil left the band earlier this year but the new bassist was so sweet and definitely fit in with everyone. The band then came on for an encore of Lovely day, Nara and Breezeblocks. Amongst me and the people behind me screaming "senpai notice me" and "Gus bae its me", catching the drum sticks then dropping them, dancing and singing until I had no voice left, I had an absolutely amazing night. I'm saying the best gig of the year so far, but we'll see how Catfish and the Bottlemen and Bombay Bicycle Club are.
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Emily x

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