Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Tourist In My Own City

Well hello internet. So yesterday me and my good friend Nik decided that we would take a trip in to Bristol and just see where the day takes us. In the end we decided to go for a trip to Clifton, and visited many other places including a new favourite café of mine Boston Tea Party. On our walk there we spotted a small street with a large courtyard, surrounded by beautiful Kensington style houses (As you may or may not know this is the description of my perfect street, so yes I will be checking for any houses for sale like my life depends on it) Clifton is absolutely beautiful, which is something I didn't know until yesterday. Its just so surprising that such a lovely place has always been right on my doorstep but I never thought to explore it. its just such a picturesque area with so many beautiful houses and independent shops that have such  intricate décor. As you can probably  tell I am very passionate about this area. It was a very long trek from my town but as you can see it was definitely worth it.

If you liked this post check back next week to see what I have uploaded for you guys next, I'll give you a hint, I may or may not be going on holiday next week. Thanks for reading guys.

Emily x