Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Stylish Amish

Bracelet-Thomas Sabo
Rings-(pearl) Pandora (greek print) silver shop in Athens
Bag-Kate Spade

As it was my birthday on Friday last week I took a trip into town with some friends and yet again spent all of my money in Zara. I saw this shirt featured on a wishlist somewhere and decided I needed it. I feel the black bow ribbon gives a different edge to your normal white shirt, along with its embossed detail and flute sleeves gives an original twist. I've wanted a shirt like this for the longest time but there was always something that was off, whereas with this shirt I literally cant fault it.

 I was also given a Thomas Sabo bracelet for my birthday. I have quite a few charm bracelets and I find their is always some kind of drawback with them. However, this bracelet is both casual and formal as its just a simple black band with silver hardware and a charm. The charm I have on here is a black stiletto heel which is intricately detailed and is so beautiful. I wore some plain black jeans boots and a floppy wide brimmed hat as always. I love the look of this outfit and I cant wait to wear my shirt with other cuts and shades.


  1. Really nice look. The shirt is beautiful indeed.

    xoxo, Renaud | renaudew.blogspot.com

  2. Cute outfit - love the shirt :)