Sunday, 10 August 2014

Food of the Gods

Well hello internet. Today I am here to rave about a restaurant me and my friend visited in Bath recently. We decided to take an impromptu trip into town to get a few things and just for something to do when we came across Bills. My friend and I have been eyeing up our local Bills for a while as we had heard it was good. As you can tell the d├ęcor is amazing! its so eclectic but tasteful it just looks so effortless and seamless. I ordered the strawberry and banana smoothie and no word of a lie is it the best I've ever tasted (not to brag but I've tasted my fair share of smoothies in my time). I also ordered the Bills Burger. I have no words for how good this burger is. It is without fail THE best burger I have ever had. The salad to meat ratio is always a tough one when having a burger but the Bills Burger was literally perfection. The pictures do not do it justice and neither do my words so take my word for it and try it. I found only one fault with Bills and that was the service. I think the waiters forgot about us due to how popular it was that day and we were left waiting a while for the bill, leading to the awkward "do I go and ask for the bill or wait it out until they come back" dilemma, but it was overall a great experience. I think Bills deserves more recognition and maybe I'll try the Clifton branch and see if the service is any better.

Emily x

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